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cashback on wordpress productsOur Cash-back scheme makes sure that you get the BEST PRICE on the planet when it comes to buying any WordPress product such as premium plugins, themes and WordPress blog management services.

It is our way of expressing thanks to our patrons who use the WordPress coupon codes on this portal to buy related products.

Here are some FAQs related to our cash back policy.

1. Why do you offer a Cash-back?

Very simple! For every product sale that we make via this portal, assume that we get an amount ‘X’ as commission. What we do is to pay you back almost all of that commission so that you get the best price for your online shopping. We hardly keep a couple of bucks from the commission received towards the cost of maintaining this website and our rebate service. We aren’t greedy!

2. How do I receive the cashback?

In order to obtain the cashback, you have to contact us via the contact form on this blog by mentioning the purchased product name, your PayPal email address to receive the rebate and the Order details such as transaction ID and date of purchase.

Upon receiving your request, a ticket will be created for you and the rebate will be sent to you within a number of days from your purchase. Read more about the rebate processing time frame below.

Please note that we process the rebates via PayPal only. For some reason, if you are not able to use your PayPal account, we don’t send you a rebate.

3. When do I receive the rebate?

The rebate disbursal time frame varies from 15 days to 45 days. Why is it so? Because, we can pay you back only after we receive our commission for the particular sale as per the affiliate norms. Obviously we don’t want to give you any non-existing money from our pocket. Moreover, during this time frame you even have a chance to cancel your purchase as per the refund policies of the respective products.

Please note that for certain products which offer 60 days of trial or money back guarantee, our cash back too will be late but WE WILL SEND it as promised in each individual offer.

4. Do I get Cash-backs on all products?

Well, we offer cashbacks on almost all products EXCEPT those services where providing an incentive will infringe the affiliate account terms and conditions.

We do not offer cash back on Blog or Website hosting products such as HostGator as it is against the affiliate ToS.

Also, cashbacks are NOT available when clubbed with other deals from the vendor such as Black Friday sales, New Year/Christmas sales etc which happens at hugely discounted prices. When in doubt, please check with us before shopping.

5. Do you have any Disclaimer?

Of course, we do!

As you know, the cash-back can be given only when a sale is recorded against our affiliate account. But in some cases – one or two cases out of hundred – the sale may not be recorded against our referral account – and hence no rebate is possible – when one of the following things happen:

– The buyer (that’s you) didn’t enable cookies on your web browser during the purchase of the product. Please note that most affiliate systems track the purchases via cookies.

– You enabled the cookies, but had multiple browser windows open (where by you clicked other sites as well to attempt to buy the same product) and hence the sale wasn’t recorded against our affiliate account. In such cases, you might want to contact the other site owner, provided he or she is as noble as us!

– Everything went fine but still the sale wasn’t recorded against our account due to some downtime in the tracking system or bug there in.

– Any other one-in-a-million situation that was unforeseen (e.g. affiliate program disruption, vendor business closing down etc).

As we mentioned, this will like one off cases but in our experience it is 99% foolproof and trust us we are very HONEST and TRANSPARENT about it. If you aren’t convinced, please read the testimonials of our happy customers.

6. Any guidance for hassle-free use of this site?

Yes. Firstly, please enable browser cookies as this site as well as our affiliate partners use cookies.

Secondly, enable popups while browsing our coupon site as coupons will be always displayed on a popup window.

And finally, please send only ONE request for your cashback related queries. Multiple mails make our jobs tougher and can cause possible delays in processing your rebate.

7. Still, why do you offer rebates?

Well, we already mentioned that we aren’t greedy! Moreover, this is not our main business and hence any returns from this is paid back to those who deserve WordPress services and products at the best prices!

It’s our way of promoting WordPress and cheering its fans!!

WordPress Coupon Team

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