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Managing multiple WordPress blogs can be a pain when it comes to plugin upgrades, WordPress upgrades, theme changes, ensuring compatibility and security features, tracking analytics data & Monetization etc. But what if you can do all that dirty management of any number of WordPress sites from ONE SINGLE WordPress dashboard? We are talking about the awesome CMS Commander here!

The CMS Commander dashboard is your one-stop entry point into all that you want to do with your WordPress sites.

cms commander dashboard

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Please note that by far CMS Commander is the least expensive of all Bulk WordPress management solutions out there. It now offers a 30 day no questions asked, full money back guarantee.

The ever-expanding features of CMS Commander

The following are some of the unbelievable things CMS Commander can do.

1. WordPress Management – Recurring activities

  • Shared editor: Add or Edit posts on any of your blogs from ONE editor
  • Shared media library: Add your pictures and graphics at ONE place and add it to posts, pages of any of your blogs
  • ONE click plugin update: Update new releases of plugins at once on all your blogs
  • ONE click theme update: Similar to plugin updates, very handy when you have theme frameworks etc
  • Bulk install new plugins with ONE click
  • Comment and spam management from ONE screen. No need to switch between blogs for daily moderation of comments!
  • You can opt to apply ONE setting for all blogs if you wish to do so
  • ONE click maintenance mode and out of it with custom friendly ‘Under maintenance’ messages

2. Security Features

Security is of utmost priority to bloggers when it comes to self hosted blogs such as a WordPress blog. CMS Commander WordPress dashboard guarantee you the safest WordPress experience and have the following awesome security features:

  • Automatic backups (daily, weekly, monthly etc) to your favorite cloud storage (Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3 etc)
  • No admin password asked for each of your sites as it is taken care of by the CMS Commander client plug
  • Uptime monitoring and statistics of all your sites from one place
  • All WordPress management is done via Secured connection. This is something you will never easily get if you manage your own WordPress blog
  • Analytics and Network traffic monitoring. Integrate your Google analytics and watch all blogs’ analytics data from one place
  • Google 2-factor authentication, if you wish to use it

3. Monetization features

Since, CMS Commander originated from the famous WP Robot author, it readily offers a bunch of blog monetization features as well.

  • A full-blown autoblogging solution – with excellent SEO features to monetize via affiliate offers – is included
  • Cloning any of your websites to make new ones can be done in a matter of seconds
  • Over 20 legals sources to pull information and curate or mashup the way you want to create awesome automatic content (along with your handwritten stuff)
  • Affiliate links from major affiliate networks can be automatically included
  • Supports CSV imports and data feed integration from affiliate networks

All that and much more can be now experienced with FREE signup and access without having to pay anything upfront. And if you decided to go for the paid solution, do not forget to Use our CMS Commander Coupon via the button below.

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