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Note: ManageWP has been acquired by GoDaddy and they have stopped offering discounts since then. We are sorry for that.

If you are interested in 20% discount for life on similar WordPress multiple sites management product, please check out our CMS Commander Coupon offer.

Note: Please note that the discount rates are embedded in the link when you click the Get Code button and you don’t have to apply any coupon at checkout. You will immediately see the discount, in the ‘Plans’ page.

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ManageWP Coupon / Instant Discount Link (20% – 30% Discount)

When it comes to bulk WordPress sites management, ManageWP is one of the best options out there. With ManageWP you can edit, update, moderate, install, manage, backup, you name it – all those daily tasks and more from one dashboard.

You can learn more about ManageWP WordPress dashboard can be seen in the following video:

The feature list of ManageWP is pretty much similar to other products (such as CMS Commander) in this category. However, the following are some of the differentiators as we see.

ManageWP vs CMS Commander

Featurewise, both are more or less complete. They use the same type of client plugin on each WordPress site to be managed that securely interacts with the master dashboard.

Plan-wise, ManageWP offers three plans Standard, Professional Business whereby the features go up as you move from Standard plan to higher plans. The good thing about ManageWP is that most basic features are available in the cheapest Standard plan while some important features are available only in the Professional Plan. Hence, Professional plan is ideal for most webmasters.

On the other hand, CMS Commander has all its features available to all customers the the pricing vary only based on the number of websites. If you have fewer than 10 websites, that way, CMS Commander works out cheaper as you get all features.

The biggest difference though is that CMS Commander comes with the integrated WPRobot functionality to auto fill affiliate links or other legal content from the web.

User Interface ManageWP’s user interface is slightly more intuitive than CMS Commander in general. Perhaps that’s why the pricing is at a bit premium as well.

Test drive: Both ManageWP and CMS Commander allow you to signup for free and get a feel of how things work from one dashboard.

ManageWP Coupon Code or Promo Link?

Please note that ManageWP discount (20% to 30%) is embedded in the ‘Get Code’ link below. When you click the button and go to the Plans, you will see the discounted prices already as seen in the screenshot below:

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