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WP Robot Coupon Code: WPRobot Basic Version at $64

The Basic Version of WPRobot originally priced at $99 is now available at the Lowest Price of $64 as per the details below:

(Note: Before reading further, if you are looking for anything other than the Basic version, please Click Here)

Step 1: Use the ‘Get Code’ button link on this page and proceed to WP Robot shopping page.

Step 2: Apply the coupon that will be displayed on the popup window and you will Get 25% Off instantly (i.e. $25 OFF) on the original price

Step 3: Contact us via the contact page on this site, to get an Additional $10 Rebate via PayPal (we do not entertain other Payment methods)

(Note: Other versions will still get 25% OFF via the same coupon)

In other words…

For every purchase of the WP Robot Basic license via our Coupon code and Rebate you are saving $35. It’s our guarantee! (Read Testimonials and comments from our genuine customers to believe in what is on offer here)

You may note that, the PayPal rebate for this product is processed between 30 to 45 days. Within that time you still have the chance to even cancel your license and hence we can’t pay before that.

This particular cash back offer is available on the fully priced ($99) product of the WP Robot Basic version. It cannot be combined with any other discount offers from the vendor which usually occurs during holiday sales. If you are buying the Developer version of the software or the Full Elite version, look around on this site for the applicable rebate.

About WPRobot!

Undoubtedly the best autoposting plugin out there, it has completed more than 10 years on the blogosphere now. Recently, they have moved to the cloud as well with WPRobot 5 promising a SaaS model. The basic version satisfies most of your auto blogging needs. This can be used at up to 3 websites that you own to pull auto-generated content from more than 32 sources. However, if you have more than 3 websites, it is recommended that you go for a Full Version. You still get a 25% discount via our coupon on Full version

So what’s stopping you now?

Just Click the button below and Get Max WP Robot Coupon deal via our genuine combo offer for the Basic version of WPRobot!

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