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WP Robot Coupon : WPRobot Full Elite at $82

The $129 worth Full Elite Version of WPRobot is now available at the Lowest online Price of $82 as explained below:

(Note: The offer on this page is dedicated to Full Elite version. If you are looking for other WPRobot variants like the Basic version or Developer version, please Click Here. This coupon, however, never expires and works on all versions.)

Step 1: Use the ‘Get Code’ button link below to proceed to purchase

Step 2: Apply the coupon that will be displayed on the popup window and you Get 25% Off instantly ($32 OFF)

Step 3: Contact us via the contact page on this site, to get Additional $15 Rebate via PayPal

(Note: Other versions will still get 25% OFF via the same coupon while the refund amount may vary in that case)

In other words…

For every purchase of the WP Robot Full version (supports 10 websites) via our Coupon code and Rebate you are saving $47. It’s our guarantee! (Read Testimonials from our genuine buyers)

You may note that, the PayPal rebate for this product is processed between 30 to 45 days. Within that time you still have the chance to even cancel your license and hence we can’t pay before that.

This particular cash back offer is available on the fully priced ($129) product – also known as the Full Elite version – alone. It cannot be combined with any other discount offers from the vendor which usually occurs during holiday sales. Also, if you buy a custom or Developer version of the software, no rebate will be provided. However, you can still benefit from the 25% WPRobot coupon code even in such scenarios.

WPRobot features

The following are some of the salient features of this awesome autoposting plugin. Please note that the entire set of features or a subset of the same when combined can produce unbelievable results i.e. the most natural looking autoblogged content. It’s now served as a SaaS model from over 32 content sources. More than 20,000 successful affiliate marketers are using this awesome auto-posting cloud plugin for WordPress.

  • Use it for autoblogging on any niche or topic to generate content automatically
  • Full version supports up to 10 websites of yours
  • Can be combined in a good proportion with originally written post as well
  • Create unlimited campaigns based on the keywords input by you
  • Highly customizable post templates to suit your needs
  • Decide your post frequency and make use of the randomization logic
  • Multiple language support and hence internationalization support
  • Works with any WordPress theme or plugins installed
  • It will never post duplicate content
  • Powerful tagging logic and you can customize templates under any number of categories

With the WPRobot 5 plugin, you can do most of the content creation parts. When you have several such autoblogs, the solution to go for is the CMS Commander multiple WordPress blog management solution from the same vendor.

Why WPRobot Full Elite version?

With the full elite license, you get all the above benefits plus a number of content source modules free. The following are some of the modules that come along with the WP Robot Full version. Please note that this is only a partial list.

  • Amazon Module
  • Article Module
  • eBay Module
  • Vimeo Module
  • Youtube Module
  • Shareasale Module
  • Commission Junction Module
  • Flickr Image Module
  • Oodle Module
  • Shopzilla Module
  • AvantLink Module
  • Eventful Module
  • iTunes Module
  • Yelp Module
  • RSS Module
  • Article Builder Module
  • Big Content Search Module

In short, you can use WPRobot to pull content from any of the sources (or combinations of) or methods listed above, along with your own hand-created content if any.

So what’s stopping you now?

Just Click the button below and Get Max WP Robot Coupon deal via our genuine offer!

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WP Robot License Types – Comparison

Please refer to the table below to get an idea of what each license type of WP Robot 5 offers you:

wp robot license types

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