Please read the following feedback and comments that we received from our awesome customers and beneficiaries. These testimonials mean a lot to us and we keep adding more relevant cashback deals based on their feedback rather than publishing tons of meaningless coupons.

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Thanks for the rebate, I received it as promised from this website on my s2Member purchase. I will definitely use it again in the future.

– Fabio Vallejo, adictoalfitness.com

The rebate service with Word Press Coupon was fantastic. They were helpful in answering some upfront questions I had about the delayed rebate (needed to keep service for 90 days to earn rebate of $87 on WPEngine) and delivered the cash back on time, as promised. I’d use them again!

– Mike Mullin, theloanconsultant.com

Amazing deal on WPRobot! Got $30 coupon discount initially and then $20 rebate in my PayPal account later. That’s as good as it can get. Thank you 🙂

– Saari Lee, safarilee.com

Hello WPC team, Thanks a lot for the hosting coupon code that gave me the best possible bargain. Further, you forwent your commission to make the deal even sweeter for us. I shall definitely get back to you people for my future needs.

– Raghunath Pillai, androidgadgetworld.com

I wanted to buy OIO Publisher ad manager for one of my blogs and this was the best deal I got to see as recommended by another friend. These folks stuck to their promise and sent me additional rebate. Highly recommended!

– George Joseph, wheelosphere.org

Got WPRobot plugin full version for $79 instead of $129

– Uun Mohan Harianto, mohanharianto.com

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